"Softskill.Atelier is a Project

that introduces you to the Art of making clothes"

Fashion Designer and Softskill.Atelier founder Ylenia Gortana, started off with weekly sewing and fashion workshops in her shared studio space ‘OneofakindCollective', in Kreuzberg Berlin.

The classes are aimed towards anyone who is interested in learning more about making their own clothes and realising their own visions in fashion design and sewing.

Sofskill.Atelier is trying to find alternative ways to use the knowledge and skills of the fashion world by creating awareness and understanding of the work and resources that are needed to make fashion.

Softskill.Atelier wants to put the appreciation and understanding of the craft into focus.

Combined with her passion for design style on runway and subculture, Softskill.Atelier also goes online by bringing out tutorials on a regular basis on YouTube

With the mission to create her own educational fashion online presence, Ylenia aims to encourage and inspire people around the world to tag along with making clothes by themselves, rather than just consuming them.